Sure, here are 10 easy home decor ideas to refresh your space:

Rearrange your furniture: Sometimes just moving your furniture around can give your space a fresh new look.

Add plants: Indoor plants are a great way to add some life and color to your space. They also improve air quality and bring a sense of calmness.

Update your lighting: Lighting can make a huge difference in the feel of a room. Consider adding new lamps or switching to warmer bulbs.

Hang new art: Hanging some new art on your walls can add a pop of color and personality to your space. You can also consider creating a gallery wall with a mix of different pieces.

Swap out throw pillows: Changing out your throw pillows is an easy way to switch up your decor. Try mixing different textures and patterns for a cozy and eclectic look.

Add a rug: A rug can instantly change the feel of a room. Consider a bold pattern or color to make a statement.

Change your curtains: New curtains can add some color and texture to your space. Consider swapping out heavy winter curtains for lighter, breezier options.

Display decorative objects: Adding decorative objects such as sculptures or vases can add some personality to your space. Consider displaying items you’ve collected from your travels or that have sentimental value.

Paint an accent wall: If you’re up for a bigger project, painting an accent wall can add some drama and depth to a room.

Declutter: Sometimes all a space needs is some decluttering. Consider getting rid of items you no longer need or use to create a more open and inviting space.


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